fig weddings has 24+ years of experience creating personalized experiences and tailored soundtracks for weddings in Chicago and beyond. We are big thinkers and we are good at what we do—we get to know you, share our perspective, identify what you need, and invest in your event's success. We create and direct agendas for successful event flow while facilitating the wedding experience of your dreams. Personable, tasteful, thoughtful, professional, responsive, and fun—that's who we are, and more, at fig.











Interested in how your DJ is selected? Read about our resident and artist process here!

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Resident Packages start at $1350.00. Packages include meeting(s) with your DJ, top-notch equipment/sound, setup/teardown, hosting, facilitation, and we're fully insured. Click on an artist below to learn more about the individual. Contact us today for availability, rates, questions, and artist info. We'd love to welcome you to our fig family and get your party started.

We also love easy numbers. It's easy as 1-2-3 to book with Fig:

  1. Contact us after reviewing our information. One of our friendly event producers will get back to you speedily.
  2. Set up a meeting with your producer to discuss your event and select your package or artist (with a contract via e-mail to follow when you are ready to move forward).
  3. Book your package and meet with your DJ before your wedding to plan your party. (With all the time you saved, we encourage you to take up crocheting, finally start a major binge of "Stranger Things," or take that dream vacation to Abu Dhabi you've always dreamed of. Or not.)


Amazing—couldn’t have asked for a better team...thank you so much for making our day so unforgettable!
— Allison Endsley of Anheuser-Busch


What is in your DJ Package? . . .

Our packages include up to 6 hours of playtime w/ an early load in and sound check. We provide music for cocktails, dinner, dancing and the basic sound equipment w/ microphone. We can also provide music and mic’s for ceremony!

How does the DJ work at my event? . . .

We think of ourselves as team players! We are absolutely a crucial part of the success of your day, but we aren’t a solo act. We work closely with your planner, catering manager, photographer, and all vendors to assure the success of everyone!

That means we always make sure that the photographer is ready before we make announcements, we follow the catering managers cue on speeches, so we aren’t interrupting their service. These small details make a big difference in the flow of your event!

How do I choose my DJ? . . .

We have two options for you a Resident Package & Artist Package.

Resident Package: we handpick the DJ for you! In our initial meeting, we will review with you your overall vision for your wedding, your vision, taste in music, & other aspects you are looking for in a DJ. We explain our process & you get a great idea of how a DJ will work at your event. We don’t jump to assign the DJ when you book with us, we instead allow you time to come up with a must play list, a list of general likes and vibe for each section of the wedding and of course add to our do not play list. We then use this info to pair you up with the best matched DJ. This method works very well, bc instead of getting matched you with a random DJ, you are connected with a great fit! You of course will get to meet the DJ closer to your event to review all of the details and make sure they are the right fit. (We have never had anyone request a DJ change FYI).

This is a great option if you are looking to work with Fig in general and also the best price for your budget. Pricing starts at $1500 for a Saturday night wedding.

Artist Package: you pick the DJ! This package is great for clients whom get referred to a specific DJ or want to choose their DJ from the start! We understand some clients are very specific and prefer to work with a specific person from start to finish.

In our artist package, you can pay an added artist rate to reserve one of our talented DJ’s from the start and work with them through the entire process. This is great for clients with a specific music direction, specific cultural requests, or really like a particular DJ. Pricing starts $2500 for a Saturday night wedding.

How long has fig DJ been in business? . . .

Our founder James Gustin has been spinning songs for over 25 years. James is one of the best at developing talent and has trained over 50 DJ’s. Today we have a strong team of ten DJ’s with unique personalities and talents, but a common core of strategy and approach to events. Three of our team members have been exclusive to the fig residency program for the past 10 years. We can proudly say we have a hardworking, good willed, talented team!

What venues do you work at? . . .

If you name a venue in Chicago, we have mostly likely DJ'd there (this is not an alternative fact.) Our team DJ’s for hundreds of events a year, so that allows us to cover a lot of ground! We play at five star hotels, loft spaces, museums, restaurants, and beyond. Most of our events are in downtown Chicago & we also travel nationally & internationally. We have also held several team residencies & partnerships w/ Smart Bar, W Hotels, Rockit Ranch, Dana Hotel, Headquarters, & Celeste.

What does the DJ setup look like? . . .

We like our DJ setups like we like our bodies.. clean w/ a good engine! 😃 Our setups our minimal with pro-DJ gear and a great sound system. We do not bring lights, as we stick to great sounding music, and let your designer handle the lighting.

How do you handle requests? . . .

We take all requests we just don’t promise we will play them. 😃 We are more than happy to receive the requests of your guests, but we will only play them if they fit your vision and we think they will work.