Decisions, decisions. Well, just two, to be exact. 

We offer a pair of exciting options when booking our Deejay services:

The artist package is great for those clients whom get referred to a specific deejay or want to choose their deejay from the start! We understand that some clients prefer to work with their deejay from the first meeting to the last. In our artist package, you can pay an added artist rate to reserve one of our talented deejays (based on their availability) from the start and work with them throughout the entire process. 

Why the added rate?
When you book an artist directly, they hold your date and turn away all other work. So if your deejay gets offered a deejay in London they know they can't go jet setting. Often times clients book artists up to a year in advance. We don't know about you, but we aren't always sure what next year will look like or where our creative endeavors will take us. We love to travel and while weddings are our passion, our deejays often have many personal projects, corporate clients and social events keeping them busy. This is a boon to you, our deejays benefit from experience with a variety of work in addition to their wedding portfolios. We are also a small business that empowers artists. Our deejays are hardworking, hustling peeps with families. The added rate both respects the commitment of the artist to you and honors your commitment to us.

Pricing for artists vary. If you are interested in a specific person, let us know. Our deejays love to consult and talk about their work.

In our tried-and-true resident package, we handpick the deejay for you. In our initial meeting, we will review with you our overall vision for your wedding, your vision for story, and your vision for how you see your film.

All of this information is helpful in us choosing whom is the best fit to be your deejay. We prefer this method and most clients do because instead of giving you someone random from the start, we handpick the deejay that fits closest to your overall feel and vision. Deejays are assigned between two - three months from your wedding date. This ensures you get the freshest team.

We also consider if the deejay has worked at your venue before, fit your visual style and if there are any cultural matches that work well. This option is great if you are looking to work with the Fig deejay team and don't have someone specific you want to book. This is also best price for your budget.


Call us to book your artist collection and work with your artist DJ from day one.

Starting at 2500

Starting at 2500

Starting at 2500

Starting at 2500

Starting at 2500


Starting at 2500

Starting at 2500


Let our team pick your deejay.

Benefits: our team hand selects your deejay. We use your criteria to pair you with the best fit from our team represented here, and your receive our resident rate.
Includes: Site visit and music consult with fig deejay manager or one of resident team leaning towards taking booking. Fig team backs 100% should something happen to resident standard equipment. Full insurance. Access to fig team supporting resident.


Up to four [4] hours: 1350    Up to six [6] hours: 1500

Add Ons

Ceremony Set-Up: 350 (Includes sound system, wireless handheld microphone with stand, audio mixer, and iPod/laptop for music playback.)

Cocktail Set-Up: 150 (includes one self-powered speaker with stand, and one pre-programmed iPod or other playback device)

Wireless Microphone: 150 (stand available by request)

Additional hour of playtime: 300 per hour, 150 per half hour (booked beforehand)

Overtime rates: 500 per hour, 250 per half hour (booked night of)

more about deejay

We are super-easy to work with, and we have two super-easy ways to work with us: With our artist booking, you select/book the DJ you want directly and guarantee them for your date, based on their availability. When you choose your artist, you book their artist fees directly. With our popular, tried-and-true resident booking, select your package, and then we match you with the best available DJ for your date that fits you, your personality, your wedding, and music selections best. Our clients book this package the most for its flexibility, ease, and value. It's like eHarmony, with emphasis on "harmony." (Yay, music humor.)

After you book your date, we will send you a handy planning form (powered by Google Drive) for you to fill out your wedding information—including all your music choices. (Working on this form makes a great date night activity with a little bubbly on the side.) Inform us when your form is complete, and we'll start the matching process on our end. Your DJ will be selected and will contact you to say hello and set up a meeting.

Yes, it's just that easy. Virtual high-five for simplicity!


  • Lead resident DJ (and assistant, if necessary/suggested for your event)
  • Reception equipment: Two CD players and one mixer (or one digital controller), sound system (typically two self-powered speakers with stands), one corded microphone, music library, and all necessary cabling
  • Early setup (usually, ninety minutes to two hours in advance of guests arriving)
  • Meeting (and site visit, if necessary) with your DJ before your event to go over flow, music and details
  • Fully insured by NFP Insurance (

What we'll need from the venue:  One 6' to 8' table (or other platform), and ample electricity. What we'll need from you: An itinerary of the evening, a list of preferred songs, and one hot meal for your DJ (and assistant, if necessary/suggested) on the day of the wedding.

Please note that we do not specialize in lighting or visual AV, such as screens/projectors. If you are interested in additional AV needs, please contact us and we will be happy to recommend our top event partners for your event.

Collections can be customized with additional hours and equipment. Additional expenses may incur such as larger sound setups, travel, food, car rental, parking, and permits.

Let us know if you have any questions! Let's dance—and we will take the lead.

*Prices are subject to change, based on availability, date and options.


This is necessary if the ceremony is at a separate venue or a separate area (i.e. outdoors or another room) from the main reception. It requires our team to set-up, run audio during your ceremony and break all the equipment down. Our above packages include hours most commonly used for a reception. Add this on if you want assistance with audio and music during your ceremony.

We recommend a wireless mic for the following situations: a) larger weddings; b) weddings with head or sweetheart tables; c) spaces where the DJ is positioned far away from the couple or the crowd; d) complex table/guest arrangements e) personal taste and style request.

Book what you think you will need up front, you can always add hours later. Overtime and Extra Hours booked on the day of the event are a bit more then if you book up front. Our artists may have to rearrange schedules on the day of your event and are happy to do so, which is why the premium is different. Anytime our team can plan their schedules in advance we are efficient and we pass that savings on to you.

If your guest count is 300+ or are looking to create a concert like sound environment contact us to hear our recommendations for your space. Large cavernous spaces like Union Station, Aragon Ballroom and the like require special equipment and a specialized quote. Our deejays are knowledgeable and love geeking out about big set ups, let us help you design your guest experience. 


The music you love with live beats.... ummmm yes please! Ask us how you can book these two for your wedding.