Stacey + Sagar | Engagement Session

Sagar asked if I wanted to do one more loop around the park before we left. He specifically wanted to go up on one of the hills and take our picture - which was weird to me, because I’m always the one to make sure we take pictures, but I went with it. We stopped and Sagar said “let’s ask someone to take our picture” but the first people walking by were very young so Sag insisted we wait for another couple - again weird. Another couple quickly came past and Sagar asked them to snap our picture. The woman took a picture and then Sag went back to grab his phone and whispered something to the couple and came back. I was thinking “what’s he doing? He’s acting so strange.” When he came back he dropped down on one knee and popped the question and I immediately said yes.
— Stacey

Photographer: Brian Carey