Modern Vintage; A Chicago study of the American Wedding in Super 8.

This short is a compilation from the archive of silent wedding films shot in Chicago between 1993 and 2010. Using vintage Super8 cameras, fig filmmakers create these vintage silent shorts for Chicago couples. The film has an original score titled: On this Day by fig composer/musician Eric Hillman.

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“On this day, I was inspired by the timeless quality of the footage. It has such rich emotion and joy represented on the faces of the people. I wanted to capture that with the score.” ~Eric Hillman

Super8 film was released in 1965 by Eastman Kodak. It is the equivalent of what a camcorder is to video today.

The film is a reversal film, meaning it eliminated the need for an expensive work print off of the negative, making it an attractive medium for filmmakers, artists and family documentarians to create films. Reversal film has an emulsion that can be processed to create the work print on the same strip of film. Later adopted by Fugifilm and Polaroid.

Adopted by filmmakers like Oliver Stone and used in films like The DoorsNatural Born KillersNixonU Turn, and JFK this silent film format is still alive today. Super8 film festivals are held in both the US and the UK. Festivals like Flicker Film Festival and Cambridge International Super 8 Film Festival.

Fig films adopted this medium to shoot weddings for its timeless feeling. Offering an artistic and traditional option to couples.