Jacq + Jack | Liquid History; A unique alternative to a wedding film.

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This is the story of Jacq and Jack. They met on e-harmony. If you ask Jacq she might tell you an alternatively story involving the army, stripper poles and pasties. Jack was looking for a unique way for all his guests to get to know their story. Both the made up story and the real story of meeting online. Since most of their family lives across the country, few of them have had an experience of what Jacq and Jack are like as a couple. That's where we come in. Filmmaker Melissa Martens spent an afternoon filming the couple at the Hop Leaf in Andersonville, the site of their first date, to get the full story. This film screened in between the cocktail hour and reception at the Adler Planetarium's sky theater during their wedding. It was received with riotous laughter and cheers. Afterward the film was the talk of the night. The couple still says it was the best investment they made for their wedding. Click the image below to view our film.