Decisions, decisions. Well, just two, to be exact. We offer a pair of exciting options when booking our Filmmaking services:

The artist package is great for those clients whom get referred to a specific filmmaker or want to choose their filmmaker from the start! We understand that some clients prefer to work with their filmmaker from the first meeting to the last. In our artist package, you can pay an added artist rate to reserve one of our talented filmmakers (based on their availability) from the start and work with them throughout the entire process. This is great for clients whom have a specific storytelling direction, specific cultural requests, or really like a particular filmmaker!

Why the added rate?
When you book an artist directly, they hold your date and turn away all other work. So if your filmmaker gets offered a shoot in Fiji they know they can't go jet setting. Often times clients book artists up to a year in advance. We don't know about you, but we aren't always sure what next year will look like or where our creative endeavors will take us. We love to travel and while weddings are our passion, our filmmakers often have many personal projects, corporate clients and documentaries keeping them busy. This is a boon to you, our filmmakers benefit from experience with a variety of work in addition to their wedding portfolios. We are also a small business that empowers artists. Our filmmakers are hardworking, hustling peeps with families. The added rate both respects the commitment of the artist to you and honors your commitment to us.

Pricing for artists vary. If you are interested in a specific person, let us know. Our filmmakers love to consult and talk about their work.

In our tried-and-true resident package, we handpick the filmmaker for you. In our initial meeting, we will review with you our overall vision for your wedding, your vision for story, and your vision for how you see your film.

All of this information is helpful in us choosing whom is the best fit to be your filmmaker. We prefer this method and most clients do because instead of giving you someone random from the start, we handpick the filmmaker that fits closest to your overall feel and vision. Filmmakers are assigned between two - three months from your wedding date. This ensures you get the freshest team.

We also consider if the filmmaker has worked at your venue before, fit your visual style and if there are any cultural matches that work well. This option is great if you are looking to work with the Fig filmmaking team and don't have someone specific you want to book. This is also best price for your budget.